SCRIPT MOVIE: Fate’s Peculiar Sense of Humour, by N. Triton

In 2009 London, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, finally finds a person that could spell the end of her being trapped in the body of a dirty, ugly beggar, and get reunited with her long-lost love Ares, the god of war, who is now instigating violence and anarchy through social media. That… Continue reading SCRIPT MOVIE: Fate’s Peculiar Sense of Humour, by N. Triton

Director BIO: Bianca Armbruster (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS)

Director Biography – Bianca Armbruster Bianca Armbruster has worked on numerous award winning Independent Films, Television Shows, Music Videos and Commercials for over 7 years. Bianca was accepted into the prestigious University of Cape Town, where she studied Theater, Film, Media and Journalism. Wanting a more hands on filmmaking experience, Bianca moved to Denver, CO and… Continue reading Director BIO: Bianca Armbruster (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS)


A slice of life, romantic comedy about a modern couple’s Saturday morning habits. Lana and Carter equally love being with each other as much as their alone time. Companionship is being comfortable being your whole selves, awkward, unkempt, imperfect and occasionally appalling; but sometimes there are just some things best left, alone. Film Type: Short… Continue reading BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, 5min., USA, Comedy

Director BIO: Larissa Pruett (GET HOME SAFE)

Director Biography – Larissa Pruett Larissa Pruett is an an Asian-American, award-winning short film Writer/Director. She graduated from Colorado Film School, where she was the first woman to write and direct an in-house short film with an all female crew. The film was part of the official selection at the CFS Film Festival, and was nominated… Continue reading Director BIO: Larissa Pruett (GET HOME SAFE)

GET HOME SAFE, 7min., USA, Comedy

Joystick Games created 3rd person adventure game, ‘Get Home Safe.’ The object of the game is to walk home from the bar as a woman, and get home safe. Project Links  Website  Facebook Film Type: Short Runtime: 7 minutes 26 seconds Completion Date: March 15, 2017 Production Budget: 1,600 USD Country of Origin: United States… Continue reading GET HOME SAFE, 7min., USA, Comedy

Director BIO: Catherine Mack (LOVE LEX)

Director Biography – Catherine Mack Catherine Mack is an Australian writer, director and actress. Being born and raised in country Victoria has given her a deep affinity for the sprawling Australian landscape, an element she incorporates into her filmmaking. Catherine studied acting at David Mamet’s Atlantic Acting School in NYC, the Atlantic Actor’s Conservatory in LA… Continue reading Director BIO: Catherine Mack (LOVE LEX)

LOVE LEX, 7min., Australia, Comedy

Lex drops a bomb… that Dave will never forget. Project Links  Website  Facebook  Twitter News & Reviews “Geelong actor Catherine Mack living the LA dream” Geelong Advertiser “Passenger, Tropfest finalist 2017” “Tropfest finalists: more women filmmakers “ Time Out “Finalists for Health Ledger Scholarship Announced” Inside Film

Short Film: PENTHOUSE SWEET, 9min., USA, Comedy/Drama

A sit-com actress must decide whether to apply the lesson her character learns in the show to a real life crisis when she loses her phone on which she has stored some sensitive videos. Film Type: Short, Student Genres: Drama, Comedy Runtime: 8 minutes 53 seconds Completion Date: February 26, 2017 Production Budget: 1,000 USD… Continue reading Short Film: PENTHOUSE SWEET, 9min., USA, Comedy/Drama

Director BIO: David Maddox

Director Biography David Maddox produced the indie hit “A Ghost Story” starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara for the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. He is the owner of Ideaman Studios in Dallas, TX. Director Statement Comedy has the unique ability to force us to confront the flaws of society in a palatable way, and hopefully,… Continue reading Director BIO: David Maddox