COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL – Thursday December 6, 2018. 7pm.

The FEEDBACK Monthly Film Festival coming to Los Angeles.. Our LA home is Regal L.A. LIVE Cinemas, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles (beside the Staples Center) at 1000 W Olympic Blvd.. The event runs from 7pm to 9:10pm.Showcasing the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining our audience feedback format moderated by Shepsut Wilson.

Tickets are FREE or PAY WHAT YOU LIKE. Reserve your tickets online.

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TOM IN COUCHLAND, 2min., USA, Animation/Comedy

Directed by James Just

A stoner dude is sucked into the couch and must battle crazy couch creatures in search of his remote.

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Directed by Jared LaPine

Dating in Los Angeles can be hard.

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I GOT A CALLBACK, 15min., USA, Comedy

Directed by Christopher Fox

An actor is put to the test in an audition that goes left.

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WRITER’S WORKSHOP, 11min., USA, Comedy

Directed by Ryan Francis Johnson

Aspiring writer, Jeremy, attends an exclusive writer’s workshop session. A dark, absurdist look at the world of peer review.

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Directed by Kristy Linderholm

Exes, a shooting, a dead body. Not necessarily in that order

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SEX BOMB, 3min., USA, Comedy

Directed by Michael Gene Conti

The blood starts pumping when a rough-neck SWAT team faces off against a ticking time bomb that only one of them has the “equipment” to defuse.

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The FEEDBACK Monthly Film Festival coming to Los Angeles.. Our LA home is Regal L.A. LIVE Cinemas, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles (beside the Staples Center) at 1000 W Olympic Blvd.. The event runs from 7pm to 9:10pm.

Showcasing the best of short films from around the world, while maintaining our audience feedback format moderated byShepsut Wilson.


Director Biography – Kristy Linderholm (MURDER IN THE CAT HOUSE)

KRISTY LINDERHOLM is an award-winning director and producer. Her films have played at Comic Con, on the PBS Shorts Showcase and in many national and international film festivals.

She is also a career editor of film and television. Her work includes narrative, reality, documentary, commercials, and music videos. Clients include Disney, Jaguar, Dr Dre, New Line and HBO.

She is a member of Alliance of Women Directors and Women in Film..

Director Statement


An award winning filmmaker, poet, and assassin.
On a secret mission to make movies you love.

Director Biography – Christopher Fox (I GOT A CALLBACK)

Director Biography – Christopher Fox

945a3b22b4 headshot

Christopher Fox is a professional Sound Mixer by trade, and a Filmmaker by passion. He was born in Brooklyn, raised in Yorktown, NY. Christopher was fascinated by film, music and art. He started out playing guitar at 11 years old. Music was his first passion which lead to a career in sound mixing for Television & Film.

After years of working on various films and projects as a sound mixer, Chris focused his attention on writing and directing. Chris made his directing debut on a short film called “Triangle.”
The film screened at 15 festivals worldwide and won 3 awards.

Chris is now directing & shooting, and helping others with their vision.

Director Biography – Michael Gene Conti (SEX BOMB)

Director Biography – Michael Gene Conti

8159f7d428 headshot

Michael Gene Conti is a very serious filmmaker who happens to make very silly videos. Aside from what you can find on his YouTube channel, Michael also co-wrote a series for Geek & Sundry with Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, MST3K), as well as a few featured sketches on Funny or Die and handful of other projects. His debut series, Spooked was produced by Bad Hat Harry Productions and aired on Hulu in 2014. Spooked starred Ashley Johnson (Blindspot, The Avengers), Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat, Crazy Rich Asians), was produced by Jason Taylor and directed by Richard Martin. His writing has been featured on MTV, Nerdist’s Bizarre States and Funny or Die. He also starred in the Ghost House Pictures series Devil’s Trade, the NBC pilot for Barats & Bereta, Prom Queen on the CW Seed, Valley Peaks and a whole slew of his friends well-intended passion projects. While living in New York City, Michael also co-founded the sketch comedy troupe Cardboard Helmets and produced multiple digital shorts and stage shows.

Director Biography – Ryan Francis Johnson (WRITER’S WORKSHOP)

Director Biography – Ryan Francis Johnson

61c462fd56 headshot

A vivid storyteller and award winning filmmaker in the indie film community for over 10 years, Ryan has been making films since he was a child. He attended film school at the Colorado Film School in Denver, CO, where he met many of his current collaborators. He moved to Los Angeles in 2015, where he co-founded the production company Denver Hamlet with some of his fellow Colorado Film School alumni. Ryan is an indie film veteran with a wide variety of experience, having written and directed multiple short films, commercials, music videos, and produced all original content.


Director Statement


Being a writer/director, I’ve found myself in many situations similar to the one shown in this film. The painful/awkward position of sharing your work with a group of people and having them give you feedback. Most of the people in this film are my roommates. I live with a bunch of my friends from film school and everyone is a writer, director, or actor. We sometimes do these workshop sessions where we table read each other’s scripts/ideas/anything creative and give feedback. This film was mainly born out of that scenario. Those kinds of feedback sessions are really weird and vulnerable situations to be in and I felt it would be fertile ground for making something that was (hopefully) funny and relatable. I also don’t think it’s just for writers/artist types. Anybody that has ever been in a position where they have to share their work and ideas to a group of people — this is for them.

I also just really wanted to make something funny. I feel I have a strange and absurd sense of humor but I’ve never really let myself explore it in my previous films. I wanted to lean into that and make something that was totally absurd yet relatable. I didn’t worry too much about following rules or alienating an audience. I just committed to having fun with it and making something that my friends and I thought was funny. Hopefully others find it funny, too.

In terms of aesthetic and visual approach, I think something that I felt early on was that because the content and the dialogue is so heightened and absurd, the aesthetic of the film should be grounded. I didn’t want the film to look too wacky or have heightened camera work, crazy editing, loud color palette, etc. It felt right to have the film consist of mainly static shots or slight dolly moves and to let the pace sit a little longer. It didn’t feel right to be overly cutty and fast. Overall, I think it gives the film a good uncomfortable and funny yet grounded feel when everything is more still and you’re forced to just kind of sit in the room with them. That was my philosophy in terms of how to approach the shooting and atmosphere of the film.

Hopefully this all aids in making the film a funny, awkward, dark, and relatable experience for the audience.

-Ryan Francis Johnson

HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: September 2018 Comedy FEEDBACK Film Festival






Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterLOOK, 10min., USA, Comedy

festival posterLOVE LEX, 7min., Australia, Comedy

festival posterWEIRD SHIT, 3min., USA, Comedy

festival posterBANANAS, 5min., USA, Comedy

festival posterGET HOME SAFE, 7min., USA, Comedy

festival posterBEHIND CLOSED DOORS, 5min., USA, Comedy

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The theme of the August 2018 DRAMA/COMEDY FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto was “The Self”.

Each film was about an individual being themselves and the consequences and/or rewards that come with that.

Los Angeles just went VIRAL. We filled up a 250 seat cinema and had the entire crowd talking about the various films we showed this month. Lively crowd. Lots of conversation about the 1st half DRAMA shorts and the “sexy” 2nd half COMEDY shorts.

3 festivals left in 2018. Make sure you attend. Have some amazing films coming up.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

Weird Shit Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the COMEDY LA Festival Sept. 2018

WEIRD SHIT, 3min., USA, Comedy
Directed by Nathan TrumbullA first time tryst goes awry.

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