THE OUTER BOROUGHS Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Aug. 2018 Comedy Festival

THE OUTER BOROUGHS, 29min., USA, Comedy/Supernatural 
Directed by Eugene LehnertDan and Pete move to New York City to start a new life. The two friends soon discover that the Outer Boroughs, while more affordable than Manhattan, are vastly haunted by all sorts of ghouls, ghosts and goblins. How can Dan and Pete handle power demons and the undead when they can barely pay the rent? Tune in to witness all the horrors that await this supernatural odd couple in…The Outer Boroughs.

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Director BIO: Bianca Armbruster (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS)

Director Biography – Bianca Armbruster

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Bianca Armbruster has worked on numerous award winning Independent Films, Television Shows, Music Videos and Commercials for over 7 years. Bianca was accepted into the prestigious University of Cape Town, where she studied Theater, Film, Media and Journalism. Wanting a more hands on filmmaking experience, Bianca moved to Denver, CO and attended The Colorado Film School, rated among the top 25 Best Film Schools by the Hollywood Reporter. There, she worked on multiple films, and won awards for Best Production and Best Production Design.
In film school, Bianca honed her love and study of filmmaking in the form of writing/directing, heightened by her natural eye and her talent for production design and costuming. After graduating, Bianca moved to LA and sought work in the industry in art and costuming. She gained more experience on large, professional sets, observing and learning the successes and failures of the inner hives of production crews. These experiences awakened an unstoppable passion to guide audiences through compelling narratives, with a strong emphasis on story and visuals.
Having survived off her art for all these years, Bianca is ready to tell her original stories about strong women in character-driven narratives. She currently has scripts for two television series, one feature film, and multiple sketch/short films. Bianca has also completed multiple levels of improv comedy at Playhouse West, and has recently auditioned for Groundlings in order to better herself and her understanding of the actor’s process, as well as what makes comedy.
Known for her drive, creativity, friendly demeanor and detailed work, Bianca Armbruster creates realism out of dreamscapes, mirroring her dream to make powerful visions of storytelling a reality.


Director Statement


I am plugged into what the people of my generation and the generations that came before me. I desire to create stories and emotions that are relevant to current society and the advancement of future generations. I am extremely passionate about narrative story telling and have many great ideas to bring to the table, that include furthering the inclusion of female voices in television/film. I strive to evolve as an artist, continue to learn from the past for a better present and tell stories that resonate with all people.

Director BIO: Larissa Pruett (GET HOME SAFE)

Director Biography – Larissa Pruett

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Larissa Pruett is an an Asian-American, award-winning short film Writer/Director. She graduated from Colorado Film School, where she was the first woman to write and direct an in-house short film with an all female crew. The film was part of the official selection at the CFS Film Festival, and was nominated in directing, writing, and acting. The film’s success impelled the school’s Director to apply for female-directed film grants, the first of which was given to Larissa, she rewrote the original script and was then asked to direct it. She wrote and directed the next all-female short film which went on to win Best in its category.
Since graduating, Larissa has directed several other short films which have taken home an array of awards including Best Short Film and Best Comedy Short. As of January 2018, two more of Larissa’s projects have been accepted into California Women’s Film Festival and Playhouse West Film Festival.
Larissa graduated from CFS with a degree in writing, producing, and directing. In 2017 she graduated from UCB Sketch Comedy as well as Playhouse West Comedy. She is currently enrolled at Groundlings and has recently been asked to direct several projects by other writers in the Los Angeles area. Larissa will continue to write, direct and produce shorts during her free time and in-between jobs. Currently, she’s writing a pilot that has plans to shoot in May of this year.

Director BIO: Catherine Mack (LOVE LEX)

Director Biography – Catherine Mack

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Catherine Mack is an Australian writer, director and actress.
Being born and raised in country Victoria has given her a deep affinity for the sprawling Australian landscape, an element she incorporates into her filmmaking.

Catherine studied acting at David Mamet’s Atlantic Acting School in NYC, the Atlantic Actor’s Conservatory in LA (on scholarship from David Mamet), with Nancy Banks and Ivana Chubbuck in the US before returning home to take up a 2-year role on Internationally acclaimed Home and Away earning her a Logie nomination for Most Popular Newcomer. Acting credits include Wonderland (Ch. 10), Pulse (ABC), The ATM (Tropfest 2015), Passenger (Tropfest 2016) Shop Girls (TVNZ), The Hunt, Winners and Losers (Ch 7), That Girl That Time and The Playlist. She was a finalist for the Health Ledger Scholarship 2016 and for TVNZ’s new content creation initiative 2017 as an up and coming director.

She is passionate about telling human stories through a female lens and throwing light on less explored aspects of the human condition.

Her directing debut was with Passenger, a finalist at Tropfest 2016 which was followed up with co-directing The Hunt, a dark drama, and most recently starting on her first feature, Dust, a psychological thriller set outside Uluru.


Director Statement

Love Lex is based on the true story.

This particular story is so universal and relatable that it has been blown out into an urban legend that is told the world over.
Love Lex is at its core a film about the awkward interactions that most of us have experienced in newly formed relationships.

I aimed at bringing light and comedy to the way we try to embody ‘the most perfect’ version of ourselves in a new relationship. Something that is completely unrealistic, yet we enact this charming charade every time.

There is a special place in the world for simple, pure, comedy, and that’s what I aimed to create with love Lex. Shifting my intention to relatable characters who are in an extremely awkward situation, that the unlucky of us know only too well.

It is within the smaller moments in everyday life that the truth and rawness of the human experience shine.

Director BIO: Aaron Rudelson (NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME)

Director Biography – Aaron Rudelson

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Aaron Rudelson graduated from Columbia University’s film program with an MFA in screenwriting. He has written five feature length screenplays and co-wrote Breaking the Mold for Maryland Public Television. Aaron has directed five shorts and edited two feature-length films. His work has appeared on Network TV and he’s won awards in film festivals around the U.S. with a signature darkly comedic sense of humor. He was the recipient of the 1997 Milos Forman award for his screenplay entitled “The File Room” and has taught screenwriting at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. In his most recent comedic short, NORMAN PINSKI COME HOME, he directed his mother, Lelia Goldoni, who began her illustrious acting career in John Cassavetes first film SHADOWS.

Director BIO: Eugene Lehnert (THE OUTER BOROUGHS)

Director Biography – Eugene Lehnert

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Eugene Lehnert has been working in the film industry in New York since 2000. He started as a PA on Law and Order, worked in post-production on numerous documentary and indie films and started in visual effects on the pilot to Mad Men. He has made a number of his own original documentaries and narratives including the film “Armageddon for Andy” about love and nuclear war. His newest work is a supernatural comedy titled “The Outer Boroughs” about the haunted neighborhoods of New York City.

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Director BIOS: GH Ridpath, Noah Ferche (THE BIRTHDAY PARTY)

Director Biography – GH Ridpath, Noah Ferche

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GH Ridpath (left) and Noah Ferche (right) are the clown boys behind “White Jeans” and “The Birthday Party”. The two became best friends while working together in the NBA. Collaborating with their elderly friend Joe, they formed the production team “OKP Films”. They specialize in pretending to be cooler than they actually are, welcoming trolls.


Director Statement


We had a lot of fun making this…that is all.