Get Home Safe Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the COMEDY LA Festival Sept. 2018

GET HOME SAFE, 7min., USA, Comedy
Directed by Larissa PruettJoystick Games created 3rd person adventure game, ‘Get Home Safe.’ The object of the game is to walk home from the bar as a woman, and get home safe.

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Director BIO: Larissa Pruett (GET HOME SAFE)

Director Biography – Larissa Pruett

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Larissa Pruett is an an Asian-American, award-winning short film Writer/Director. She graduated from Colorado Film School, where she was the first woman to write and direct an in-house short film with an all female crew. The film was part of the official selection at the CFS Film Festival, and was nominated in directing, writing, and acting. The film’s success impelled the school’s Director to apply for female-directed film grants, the first of which was given to Larissa, she rewrote the original script and was then asked to direct it. She wrote and directed the next all-female short film which went on to win Best in its category.
Since graduating, Larissa has directed several other short films which have taken home an array of awards including Best Short Film and Best Comedy Short. As of January 2018, two more of Larissa’s projects have been accepted into California Women’s Film Festival and Playhouse West Film Festival.
Larissa graduated from CFS with a degree in writing, producing, and directing. In 2017 she graduated from UCB Sketch Comedy as well as Playhouse West Comedy. She is currently enrolled at Groundlings and has recently been asked to direct several projects by other writers in the Los Angeles area. Larissa will continue to write, direct and produce shorts during her free time and in-between jobs. Currently, she’s writing a pilot that has plans to shoot in May of this year.