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Meet Rick Thunder, Copper Creek’s best – and only – detective. Join him as he tries to solve the latest mystery in this film noir comedy.

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Short Film: WORD ON THE STREET, 5min., USA, Comedy

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For the duration of this creation, a pair of mobsters engage in a wordplay-filled conversation. The combination of Noir-style confrontation and a rhyme infatuation makes the film an inspiration. The filmmakers hope it garners your appreciation and earns a hearty recommendation.

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Short Film: VERITAPHOBIA, 9min., USA, Comedy

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Cindy can’t tell the truth. But Elizabeth, a breakthrough therapist with a perfect record, refuses to believe that.

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Short Film: A DOG’S STORY, 7min., USA, Comedy

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“A Dog’s Story” is an absurdist short that tells the tragi-comic tale of an old dog who contemplates his bleak future after being laid off from his security job. The Dog has made a slide presentation of his current predicament and how he got here — an all-too-frequent story that many of us have also experienced in this new competitive economy where jobs are being replaced by automation and being too old can leave you marginalized.

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Short Film: THE GET TOGETHER, 12min., USA, Comedy

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A wholesome middle-aged couple from Rhode Island have been invited over to a very successful and eccentric Hollywood record producer’s house with his much younger wife to plan the wedding of their children. As the two couples start to get to know each other, their difference seem to melt away with the help of accidentally injected edible marijuana. They slowly begin to expose their own marital problems and confide and seek comfort in each others partners. One thing leads to another and they find themselves on the verge of “The Great Switcheroo” when the unexpected happens resulting in confusion, hilarity and absurdity.

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