Director Biography – Tom Ryan (POGONOPHOBIA)

Tom Ryan is an Irish filmmaker currently based in the UK. Having learned his trade working on indie movie shoots in New York, Tom returned to Ireland and made his first feature film as a writer/ director ‘Trampoline’ at the age of 25 for EUR1000 and which was later sold to Amazon Prime Video. After… Continue reading Director Biography – Tom Ryan (POGONOPHOBIA)

Short Film: POGONOPHOBIA, 16min., Ireland, Comedy/Drama

Might sound funny, but there are people out there dealing with this bizarre affliction. CYRIL is one of those unfortunate few. He does not go out much, in fact he hardly leaves his apartment at all any more. In this golden age of hirsutism, the risk of having a beardy encounter is just too high.… Continue reading Short Film: POGONOPHOBIA, 16min., Ireland, Comedy/Drama

Director Biography – Ilan Zerrouki (IF YOU LOVE HER, LET HER GO)

Ilan Zerrouki is a French director and post production supervisor. He comes from 3D animation and has done visual effects supervision on many clips, commercials and short films. In 2012 he managed the post production of the animation short film “Goutte d’Or”, which won several prizes among the world. Je l’aime alors je la quitte… Continue reading Director Biography – Ilan Zerrouki (IF YOU LOVE HER, LET HER GO)

Short Film: 6 FEET CLOSER TO YOU, 3min., US, Comedy/Musical

  “6 Feet Closer to You” is an original song made in quarantine, about quarantine. The music video (a Zoom) is a time capsule in itself for this “quarantune.” With their signature humor and relatability , this Philadelphia-based comedy band explores what new love could look like during a global pandemic and shows that we… Continue reading Short Film: 6 FEET CLOSER TO YOU, 3min., US, Comedy/Musical

Short Film: WHAT DO WE DO?. 3min., US, Comedy

Some employees of a massive corporation make the mistake of actually questioning their purpose. Project Links  Website Project Type: Short Runtime: 3 minutes 35 seconds Completion Date: November 18, 2019 Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United States Shooting Format: Ari Alexa Film Color: Color

Director Biography – Sam Cadman (MANN OVERBOARD)

Sam Cadman is the co-creator of cult comedy series Trigger Happy TV (Rose-D’Or winner, CH4, Comedy Central) and an award-winning commercial director in both the US and UK (Cannes, Clio, LIA, AICP, British Arrows). Known for capturing natural, spontaneous and improvised performances, his work is also held in the permanent collection of MOMA. Director Statement… Continue reading Director Biography – Sam Cadman (MANN OVERBOARD)

Short Film: MANN OVERBOARD, 7min., USA, Comedy/WebSeries

  DOUG MANN is coasting through an easy NY life until, in a single day, he loses everything. From the discovery of his wife’s threesome to an exploding toilet on a beaten-up boat, Doug Mann is quickly drowning in a world he no longer recognizes, a world where the women around him are thriving, while… Continue reading Short Film: MANN OVERBOARD, 7min., USA, Comedy/WebSeries

Director Biography – Katrina Cebreiro (FEDERAL APPROVED PARENT)

Hey! I’m Katrina. I graduated with my B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts and went on to receive my MFA in Screenwriting. Though, I am not immune to typos. Just the opposite actually. I have been working in the industry for 8 years. I started with internships at a NBC news station and CBS radio… Continue reading Director Biography – Katrina Cebreiro (FEDERAL APPROVED PARENT)