Director BIO: Catherine Mack (LOVE LEX)

Director Biography – Catherine Mack

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Catherine Mack is an Australian writer, director and actress.
Being born and raised in country Victoria has given her a deep affinity for the sprawling Australian landscape, an element she incorporates into her filmmaking.

Catherine studied acting at David Mamet’s Atlantic Acting School in NYC, the Atlantic Actor’s Conservatory in LA (on scholarship from David Mamet), with Nancy Banks and Ivana Chubbuck in the US before returning home to take up a 2-year role on Internationally acclaimed Home and Away earning her a Logie nomination for Most Popular Newcomer. Acting credits include Wonderland (Ch. 10), Pulse (ABC), The ATM (Tropfest 2015), Passenger (Tropfest 2016) Shop Girls (TVNZ), The Hunt, Winners and Losers (Ch 7), That Girl That Time and The Playlist. She was a finalist for the Health Ledger Scholarship 2016 and for TVNZ’s new content creation initiative 2017 as an up and coming director.

She is passionate about telling human stories through a female lens and throwing light on less explored aspects of the human condition.

Her directing debut was with Passenger, a finalist at Tropfest 2016 which was followed up with co-directing The Hunt, a dark drama, and most recently starting on her first feature, Dust, a psychological thriller set outside Uluru.


Director Statement

Love Lex is based on the true story.

This particular story is so universal and relatable that it has been blown out into an urban legend that is told the world over.
Love Lex is at its core a film about the awkward interactions that most of us have experienced in newly formed relationships.

I aimed at bringing light and comedy to the way we try to embody ‘the most perfect’ version of ourselves in a new relationship. Something that is completely unrealistic, yet we enact this charming charade every time.

There is a special place in the world for simple, pure, comedy, and that’s what I aimed to create with love Lex. Shifting my intention to relatable characters who are in an extremely awkward situation, that the unlucky of us know only too well.

It is within the smaller moments in everyday life that the truth and rawness of the human experience shine.


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