HIGHLIGHTS – OCTOBER 2021 COMEDY Short Film Festival

Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today.

Best Film: LIFE’S A SHOW
Best Cinematography: DR. MANIA
Best Performances: BAKING IS HARD
Best Direction: FRIENDZ
Best Sound & Music: THE CLUBLESS COMIC

Theme of night: Life

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterBAKING IS HARD, 9min., USA, Comedy

festival posterDR. MANIA, 11min., USA, Comedy

festival posterTHE CLUBLESS COMIC, 5min., USA, Comedy

festival posterLIFE’S A SHOW, 11min., UK, Comedy

festival posterFRIENDZ, 27min., USA, TV Pilot Comedy

Director BIO: Spencer Warren (BAKING IS HARD)

My name is Spence Warren and this is my bio! I am an artist. I make motion pictures, I make puppets, and I make music. I serve as President of the Board of Directors for a radical, 501c3 multimedia production company called Soft Cage Films. I’m a freelance, commercial Art Director/Prop Master and on occasion, I write about local theater for an online, entertainment magazine called Picture this Post. My aim is to create entertaining, imaginative works that provide an intellectually satisfying experience. My hope is to inspire.

Short Film: LIFE’S A SHOW, 11min., UK, Comedy

After Matt’s play is cancelled he realizes his life lacks direction. Taking this thought all too literal, he decides to hire a director to help guide him through his everyday life.

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Director BIO: Taylor Kavanaugh (FRIENDZ)

Taylor’s journey into filmmaking has been a unique one.  It wasn’t long ago that he was a full-time engineer with an increasing curiosity for telling stories.  It was on a journey around the world that his interest for film was permanently exposed.  He listened, followed it, and never looked back. Turns out, that risk ignited his passion.  Now, he lives and breathes filmmaking and can’t help but pour his heart into each and every project. He’d have it no other way.

Director BIO:  Joshua Crenshaw (DR. MANIA)

Joshua Crenshaw is a filmmaker based in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles. Joshua works full time as a head runner for a creative advertising agency, which he funnels his experiences into his creative work. He currently has a fantasy webtoon in production and plans to create more comedy short films. His dream is to work with Donald Glover one day and is currently building his body of work as a director.