COMEDY 1st Scene Script Reading: The Love Hex (or Nicest Flings in Mexico), by Mike Meier

New York in 1929, shortly before the Great Depression. Rose is unhappily married to a mobster lawyer. She suffers from early-onset arthritis. Her doctor recommends a hot spring treatment. Her friend Alice, recently widowed and a mother of three, suffers chronic fatigue. Eventually, both travel to the hot springs in Mexico and hook up with two young gigolos. The days are jolly until on the Día de los Muertos, when Rose’s jealous husband arrives out of the blue.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Rose : Hannah Ehman
Spencer : Allan Michael Brunet
Ramiro : Scott Beaudin –


Directed by Katrina Cebreiro

Interviews aren’t easy, especially when they’re for the most important job of your life; parenthood. Set in a dystopian future, where the government decides whether you’re fit to become a parent or not.

Interview with the Filmmaker:

Director Biography – Joshua Edelman (MENTALLY AL)

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Joshua Edelman grew up in a Boca Raton, Florida. The son of a Jewish magician-turned-optometrist and an Italian singer-turned-nutritionist, Josh developed a passion for the arts and a deep love for the films of Martin Scorsese and The Coen Brothers. Determined to become a groundbreaking filmmaker himself, Josh attended his artistic heroes’ alma mater, NYU, earning degrees in both Film & Philosophy while also interning at Scorsese’s production company, Sikelia Productions. After graduating, Josh worked for cult, indie, filmmaking pioneer Lloyd Kaufman at Troma films. There he received a crash course in low budget “do it yourself” filmmaking before moving to LA to to take the next step toward pursuing his dream. Forced to take a survival job at Deluxe Media Co., Josh would spend his nights and weekends writing, producing, directing, and starring in his award winning, psycho comic web series, BEST FRIENDS. Newly confident in his abilities, Josh threw caution to the wind, quitting his day job, and using his savings to create his long gestating passion project, MENTALLY AL, a documentary about underground comedy legend Al Lubel. Through Al, a former trial lawyer-turned-comedian, Josh confronts his own decision to pursue a creative life that was made possible in part by his parents’ decision to side step their creative ambitions for a more secure lifestyle.

Feature Film Showcase: MENTALLY AL, 92min., Documentary

00d0102b43 posterA character study of, “the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of,” and an exploration of how we define artistic success, MENTALLY AL follows Al Lubel, a former Star Search grand champion as he struggles to get by, perpetually broke and sleeping on friends couches, as he continues to pursue his artistic dreams into his sixties.

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Director Biography – Rubén Pascual Tardío (OVER WHEELS)

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Rubén Pascual Tardío es uno de las jóvenes promesas dentro de la ficción. A una temprana edad se matriculó en el Instituto de Cine Madrid especializándose en la diplomatura de guion, en la de dirección y en la edición. Ha realizado tres cortometrajes terminados desde que terminó su formación, los tres premiados. Fue recientemente miembro oficial del Málaga Talent del Festival de Málaga.

Director Statement

* Goodbye, Susana (2019) – Post-Production.

* Over Wheels (2018) – 3 Awards and 1 Selection.

* The Evil Monster (2017) – 8 Awards y 22 Selections.

* Dark Blue With Hints of Red (2016) – 1 Award y 33 Selections

OVER WHEELS, 12min., Spain, Comedy


2f20cfa067 posterFrancisca, an old woman who has always done what she wanted in her life, does not find anything else that makes her feel alive. One day, Silvia, a teenager full of life but who does not let her be an actress, gets into Francisca’s room.

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Director Biography – Madison Stewart Leonard (FLUSH LOU)

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Madison Leonard wrote, produced and directed her first film, Flush Lou, which was a ploy to get her mom on camera. It worked but she had to agree to act alongside her. Raised in Connecticut as the youngest of four girls, Madison re-located to Los Angeles where she fails remarkably well at improvisation and performs stand-up comedy when forced.

Director Statement

Mournings can bring out the weird in people.

When my closest friend lost her father, a cigarette smokin’, Slivo drinkin’, no-filter Serbian, his sense of humor was inherited.

The jokes never stopped. I remember thinking – people are not allowed to laugh this much when someone dies.

This film became my experiment.