Director Biography – Steve Becker (BRAZZY JAZZY)

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Steve Becker is a writer, director, and producer who has worked on projects in NYC, LA, Brazil, & Europe. He started out at CBS Sports where he worked in finance during the day and production nights & weekends, both in studio and at game sites. Steve has a MBA and has worked in the financial services and real estate development industries for most of his life. In addition, he is a stand-up comedian and sketch writer having studied at NYU, UCB & PIT. His first feature film, Manhattan Minutiae, is a rock & roll romantic comedy with an original, pulsating soundtrack available on Amazon. Steve just shot a one-hour TV pilot based on the movie. In addition, he is distributing a Brazilian web series as well as co-producing several TV shows with creators around the world. He lived in Los Angeles for 3 years and Brazil for 6 years. Steve and his Brazilian wife currently live in New York City but try to escape to Rio de Janeiro during the worst of winter’s fury.

Director Statement

I like to think I have a unique understanding and connection with Brazil – My mother is a professor of Brazilian Studies at Brown, I lived in Brazil off & on the last 20 years, my wife is Brazilian, etc. I created this show to demonstrate to the American Audience the energy and passion Brazilians bring to life in NYC as well as the challenges faced by all, especially immigrants, trying to attain the American dream. Obviously in a humorous way.

I have been lucky enough to travel the world after running my own business successfully for years. As much as I have tried to instantly acclimate to foreign cultures, I have often felt like the classic fish out of water. Given my comedy background (Stand-up & sketch), I feel I have a unique ability based on my life experiences to depict the cultural outsider in comic situations with hopefully witty insight.


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