Director Biography – Jeffrey John Eyamie (SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

Director, Writer and Story Editor for television, feature and short films. National Screen Institute Totally Television Alum. Published novelist. Credits include Story Co-ordinator for Less Than Kind Season 4 and Story Assistant for Season 3, Farpont Films Cruise Ship Killers, as well as various screenwriting credits for short films, tv pilots, and a novel or… Continue reading Director Biography – Jeffrey John Eyamie (SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

Short Film: SO, WHAT DO YOU THINK?, 4min., Canada, Comedy/Relationship

When Karina asks Dmitri his opinion on her artwork, he scrambles to find an answer that’s not going to get him in trouble. But their relationship is put to the test when Dmitri’s tepid response forces Karina to expose Dmitri’s secret. Project Links  Facebook  Instagram