Director Biography – Anders Teig (RUBBISH ROBBERS)

9a685c578a headshot

Anders has done a lot of live TV-directing and debuted with his first fiction-film Haikeren starring Kristofer Hivju in 2013. Since then he has been working on both short and feature film scripts. He has also written a supernatural mystery novel which was released at the end of 2018, called “Den bemerkelsesverdige bysten”. He is currently in pre-production of a new short film which is set to start shooting in December 2019.

Director Statement

We live in a time where no one seems to accept the blame for their own wrongdoings. I wanted to show an extreme version of this and thought it might be fun to see what happens if a premium idiot screws up a robbery and completely denies his own wrongdoing. I must admit that I also have not always been able to take responsibility for my own actions and I do believe this is a universal truth about us as human beings. I hope the audience will laugh and enjoy themselves and maybe recognize something from their own history, albeit not as bloody and crazy as in this story. At least I hope not.

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