Short Film: MANN OVERBOARD, 7min., USA, Comedy/WebSeries


361f48562c posterDOUG MANN is coasting through an easy NY life until, in a single day, he loses everything. From the discovery of his wife’s threesome to an exploding toilet on a beaten-up boat, Doug Mann is quickly drowning in a world he no longer recognizes, a world where the women around him are thriving, while his life falls apart at the seams. Dumped mercilessly into a colorful community of unconventional liveaboards in a Bronx marina, this grounded, character-driven, ensemble comedy follows the peaks and troughs of a catastrophe that may prove to be the slap in the face Doug Mann has long needed.

Short Film: BRAZZY JAZZY, 5min., USA, Comedy/Webseries

4d223849c0 posterWhen a Brazilian Girl takes on the NYC fashion world, the resulting misadventures are sometimes sexy, often funny, but always Caffeinated. It’s Jane the Virgin meets Girls, only an outsider immigrant version – more like Girls of the 3rd World.

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