Comedy Short Film Festival – Thursday March 31st

Here is the Film Festival lineup  for the Comedy Short Film Festival on Thursday March 31 2016. Part of the best of comedy from 2016. Event will take place at the Carlton Cinemas, in downtown Toronto at 7pm.

A WILDsound FEEDBACK Film Festival showcase:

MORE THAN GOD, 9min, Ireland, Comedy
Director: Kev Cahill

A pious Doctor is forced to deal with a family matter whilst hiding under the bed of a stranger.

HERE’S JANE, 12min, USA, Comedy
Director: JoLane Lentz

Jane, a free spirit in her mid 30’s, working as a sales girl in the mall at Forever 21, comes up with a scheming plan on how to avoid being evicted from her dumpy apartment she shares with her best friend Heather. Who’s also in her mid 30’s, waiting tables at Hooters while in her 9th year of community college.

BEHIND TIME, 1min, Sweden, Comedy/Animation
Director: Carina Henriksson

What are humans good at? Yes. At being late! This is an everyday struggle that we face and that are testing our patience. What happens, if we take it to Cartoon level?

JEWISH BLIND DATE, 16min, Switzerland, Comedy/Romance
Director: Anaelle Morf

Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.

Films will also play with the Best of Family Short Films:

FROG, 17min, USA, Family/Drama
Director: Jonathan Bucari

After school, Danny, an innocent 11 year old, retreats to his refuge, the frog pond. After catching a frog, he steps outside his comfort zone and ventures further upstream. It is here, in dark woods, that he comes face to face with the neighborhood bullies. They proceed to teach him a cruel lesson on the penalties of trespassing and kill his frog. Frog is a story of innocence, cruelty and triumph that focuses on Danny’s quest to seek justice.

ACE, 6min, UK, Family/Kids
Director: AD Cooper

Two bored boys repeatedly harass an old man in a mobility scooter by cycling up to him on their bikes and yelling in his face. His response is anything but predictable.

FISH, 10min, USA, Family/Drama
Director: Andrew Ruiz

A young boy puts his father in a difficult position when he tries to smuggle his pet Betta fish past airport security.





By comedyfestival

Film and Writing Festival for Comedy. Showcasing best of comedy short films at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Plus, showcasing best of comedy novels, short stories, poems, screenplays (TV, short, feature) at the festival performed by professional actors.


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