COMEDY Festival TV 1st Scene Reading: Stazie In The Spotlight, by Christina Hodel

Stazie Sattler, 16, is part of the popular family band trio: The Garage Grrrlz. While her mom, Meg, and sister, Cora, are alongside her as musicians and vocalists, Stazie yearns to headline her own Las Vegas show. The teen singing sensation’s attempts at a solo career go awry when she tries to add dancing to her repertoire. After making a fool of herself on live television with her two left feet, it seems all hope is lost for the young spotlight seeker. However, with the encouragement of her family and friends–and some self-determination–she gives herself and second chance and learns that sometimes the best things come in threes.

Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Stazie: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Cora/Teen Girl: Allison Kampf
Jonah/Kendrick: Geoff Mays

Director Biography – Dano Johnson (MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE)

Dano Johnson wrote, directed, and animated the award-winning films “Flatland: The Movie” and “Flatland 2: Sphereland.” The exciting stories, all-star cast (Kristen Bell, Martin Sheen, Tony Hale and Michael York), and beautiful visuals have inspired millions of students to think about math and science in fun new ways.

Dano studied film and children’s media at the University of Texas at Austin and began his career as an intern at Sesame Workshop’s Creative Development department.

After several years making hundreds of STEM videos for the eLearning industry, Dano founded Collection Agency Films where he has created Emmy, Telly, and Polly award-winning political ads, music videos, and short films starring Texas storytellers Willie Nelson, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Hayes Carll. Dano is currently animating and editing for PBS Digital Studios’ “Two Cents”, “It’s Lit”, and “Monstrum” series.

Director Biography – Svetlana Bolycheva (PARENTHOOD 2050)

Lana is a writer/director currently based in New York City.
Lana was born in the USSR. Three years after her birth, the country ceased to exist.
Growing up during the collapse, restructuring, and reformation of a global superpower, Lana from an early age was drawn to theater, where she could hide in the imaginary world. She earned her first BA degree at The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) as an Actress. After working for several years in theater and TV shows, she turned to documentary film production and earned her second BA degree at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), as a film director.
Her film, Kis, was screened in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, France and won special jury awards in Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival, Poland, and Best Cinematography award at the Vancouver Women in Film Festival, Canada.
Lana is currently an MFA candidate at New York University Tisch School of the Arts’ Graduate Film program.

Director Statement

There are 3 favorite topics I love to explore as a filmmaker, it is Life, Death, and Love. In the film Parenthood, I wanted to reflect on how would a person would feel without the ability to love. What advantages can it give? What if this person would feel even happier than her partner who is opposite, fulfilled of love. Love is a very in-concrete feeling but I believe in its existence it gives me just a huge pleasure to explore it in my films.

Short Film: PARENTHOOD 2050, 9min., USA, Comedy/Romance

Lylith and Henry a couple who cannot conceive visit a futuristic clinic to create a genetically modified baby by choosing all qualities from appearance to the character. However, the baby genome will be based on parents genes.

This experience creates tension in the relationship as their genome analysis leads them to discover that the mother has no capacity to love. Father cannot believe it, because there live seemed to look happy and full of love. Was it just his perspective or a lie?

They can not afford to give their baby the ability to love, because the price for it is too high. They are risking to have a healthy baby without any ability to Love. Nevertheless, Lylith doesn’t mind it and even finds some advantages of it.