THE LAST POST Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

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THE LAST POST was the winner of Best Performances at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

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  MOVIE POSTERTHE LAST POST, 15min, UK, Comedy/Social Media
Directed by Adam Preston

A halfwit is invited to speak at the funeral of a girl he only knew through the internet.

Read the audience transcript of THE LAST POST:

Matthew Toffolo, Moderator: The Last Post, a film from the UK, another timely film. Imagine one of us passes away and information is gathered from Facebook in order to write our eulogy. It’s probably going to happen at some point. Would anyone like to make the first comment?

Audience Member 1: I was in a film group discussion a couple of weeks ago and we were discussing “Inside Out”, the Pixar film, which is sort of premised on this idea of being able to compartmentalize our emotions. I think this film kind of talked about how, particularly the millennial generation can do this. I kind of balk at that idea because I sometimes wonder are kids these days thinking that these are their emotions? Do they think they are actually expressing their real motions in text messages?

Moderator: I guess it’s on an individual basis and this film is making fun of a guy who can’t differentiate because he and his roommate live in this online world. So he thinks he did a good job, but obviously we’re in on the joke that he doesn’t do a good job. Or maybe some of you thought it really was a great eulogy! There’s also the commentary on the girl who dies because she’s so focused on her selfies that it became the reason she died. Eventually there will be a Selfie Addicts, like AA but SA.

Audience Member 2: Not really about the content, but that Robert Downy Jr. guy, his physical comedy like the way he sat down on the bean bag and the little hand movements he makes were the funniest bits for me. Just the subtle physical things, for me was the best part.

Moderator: So the lead is who you’re saying is Robert Downy Jr. He’s gonna be happy to hear that!

Audience Member 2: Yeah, he’s Robert Downy Jr. in a few years.

Moderator: Yeah, it was really well performed in terms of tone and style.

Audience Member 3: I actually saw a video on Facebook of these people fighting over getting in each others selfies, and one guy just threw the other guy over a boat because he got so pissed that he got in his selfie. That’s what this showed me, she’s jumping out of a plane and she’s going to die but wants still wants to take a selfie. I really enjoyed the movie, the humor fit me perfectly, it’s great.

Moderator: It’s also like, if you’re not in Facebook world, if you’re not in that universe and someone passes away and you just jump into this world, you might assume that two people must be really good friends because they interact with each other when they don’t actually even know each other. There’s no emotional connection.

Audience Member 4: Is it making that social commentary that this girl who apparently did all kinds of things but she didn’t have anyone she knew well enough or who cared about her enough to come to her funeral or say something real. They had to dig into the Internet and find someone who was a troll on her Facebook friends list. That’s very sad when you think of it in that way, isn’t it? She didn’t have any real friends.

Moderator: Yeah, so it’s a millennial guy making a film that makes fun of his own generation in a lot of ways.

Audience Member 5: I just wanted to make an observation about while I was watching the film and enjoying it, I kind of also looked around and found that everyone else was enjoying it as well. That’s kind of interesting given that the film has a lot of underlying inside jokes and the way that they mention different kinds of emotions, just the fact that everybody gets it regardless of their age, or whatever it is. The internet and Facebook and that social media online life has become so widespread that everyone just gets it regardless of whether they’re on it all the time or not. That was kind of interesting to me. I would have thought that there would have been at least a few people that maybe didn’t get those jokes but the film seemed to go over really well so that was very interesting for me.

Moderator: People text a lot too so the emoticons are present there too. The person beside me was laughing a lot too. Sorry to single you out but you were totally into this.

Audience Member 6: I really liked the way the subject was treated. I think about death and the way they mixed it with social media and how they’re treating exactly what we’re doing in our lives. So it’s an in-your-face kind of a thing and I really enjoyed it because that’s what’s going to happen in the future, it’s happening right now. So yeah, I really liked it.

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