2015 Comedy Short Films

Short Films in the Comedy Genre that was showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. CLICK the links and learn more about the films. Plus, watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos for each film. MEDIATION WATCH Audience FEEDBACK Video 2015 14min, USA, Thriller/Film Noir BUSTED WATCH Audience FEEDBACK 2015 7min, Australia, Comedy/Romance BUNION WATCH Audience FEEDBACK 2015 8min,… Continue reading 2015 Comedy Short Films


THE LAST POST Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

It’s also like, if you’re not in Facebook world, if you’re not in that universe and someone passes away and you just jump into this world, you might assume that two people must be really good friends because they interact with each other when they don’t actually even know each other. There’s no emotional connection.