CHICKLAND Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video from the Nov. 2015 Film Festival

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CHICKLAND was an overwhelming audience favourite at the November 2015 FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of CHICKLAND:

  MOVIE POSTERCHICKLAND, 11min, France, Comedy/Sci-Fi
Directed by Stanislav Graziani

Bubu and Toufik think they are the next Steve Jobs and Martin Zuckerberg… They have implanted a chip in their brain, which gives them access to the web… giving them instant access to universal knowledge. For their first experiment, they test it on picking up girls…

Read the audience transcript of CHICKLAND:

Moderator, Matthew Toffolo: Chickland, the film from France. Some of the greatest inventions of all time have been created to help guys pick up girls or girls pick up guys. This is one of those things and I have a feeling that within our lifetime we are going to have something very similar to this; a device where we can pick up information like this.

Audience Member 1: I thought the premise of the film was absolutely hilarious and very timely, like with Google Glass. Apparently the motivation for the invention of Facebook was to get the geek squad out of their dorm rooms and into the coolest parties. I actually found the film quite convincing and even the reaction of the women to their pick-up lines and being able to create that connection. I thought it was very believable.

Audience Member 2: Yeah I also thought it was interesting that you said it was a devise to pick up girls and it should give them all this confidence and every advantage but in the end you see both of them, their personalities and their humanity show through in very different ways, but it doesn’t work out for either one of them.

Moderator: Obviously it could work out but I guess they get a soul in the end, right? I guess with one of the guys it could have worked out.

Audience Member 3: Part of it is, they get in over their heads. He’s trying to talk about opera and stuff and he’s mispronouncing words, and he doesn’t really know what he’s saying even though he’s got the information in front of him. That reminded me of a bit I saw from when they rigged game shows in the 1950s. There was a woman who was asked “who wrote The Three Musketeers?” and she says “Alexander Dumb-ass” because she’d been given the answer but she didn’t know [how to pronounce] the answer. And here he was having the same kind of reaction.

Moderator: It’s Dumas, right?

Audience Member 3: Yes, yes. But the woman didn’t know. So it was the same thing here. He was deeply over his head but he was trying to have this conversation with her. I’m interested, how did the women in the room react to this film as opposed to the guys. I mean on some level I’m cheering for these guys – even though its… You know what I mean?

Moderator: Yeah, I get it… We’re kind of douchebags. We are cheering for them! We’re rooting for them all the way.

Audience Member 4: I really did appreciate the premise, I thought it was fascinating and also very current and timely, especially with the new app “Happen” that came out recently. But I actually found the premise a little unnerving and kind of creepy. I was like, oh my God this could be happening to me and I wouldn’t even know! So I did find it a little creepy but only because it’s right on the edge of what could potentially happen.

Moderator: Yeah but we also already do it, like say you go on a blind date. You can look up that person and know all this information about them. It was kind of a clever movie where you see the guy trying to pick up the girl and she was trying to be clever with him and joke around but he was too focused on getting her attention that it all went over his head. We still need that human contact. That’s why it didn’t work out for that one guy.

Audience Member 5: What I liked about this whole film was actually the title, “Chickland”, because you have these two guys trying to pick up these “chicks” and in the end they both “chicken” out.

Moderator: Oh the double meaning, gotcha. Okay so we’ve got the guys rooting for the pick-up and a couple comments from girls saying their disturbed by it. Are there any other female comments about this film? It is happening. Eventually, right?

Audience Member 6: I think it’s hilarious that the women were so intuitive and on the ball. I think that was a fabulous portrayal.

Audience Member 7: I think I’ve read or seen some similar types of premises in “Black Mirror” which is a fantastic TV series that talks about stuff like this as well as science fiction. This is less scary because this is just them getting information, and I don’t know about everyone else but spewing information doesn’t really create a connection. But in future, being able to detect emotion – that’s scarier because that’s harder to detect than just spewing information. If you can get into a deeper level, that’s way scarier.

Moderator: Yeah that is very scary. I can’t even imagine how they would even be able to invent that. But I guess they could eventually, right?

Audience Member 7: Well they know how to do data analysis and facial recognition. There’s all this technology around.

Moderator: Yeah, so funny but creepy at the same time.


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