Comedy Festival Testimonial – June 17 2020

Screenwriter Joel Stern (THE WAITING ROOM)

“Word Games” was my first entry and I not only received valuable feedback, but it won “Best Screenplay” for September 2017. The entire script was table read by actors and placed on YouTube. It provided me with a valuable tool to see it performed as well as to promote it.

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In this suspense/comedy, Bill Egan, a crusty Alcatraz corrections officer, suddenly finds himself in a waiting room along with a one-armed Medal of Honor award winner-turned hitman, a ditzy bank teller and a Bronx street hoodlum. From different time periods, they try to piece together the events that brought them there.
Little do they know they are about to face the ultimate judgement.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller


Linda: Cassandra Guthrie
Chuck: John Marcucci
Narrator: Kat Smiley
Bill: Shawn Devlin
Oscar: Sean Ballantyne
Reggie: Sam Fazli

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COMEDY Festival Testimonial – May 25 2020

Lynn Elliott
Lynn Elliott

These are difficult times for us all to gather and talk about our work. However, it is very encouraging to receive such valuable and insightful comments on my comedy, UNCLE FRANCO’S BIRTHDAY SUIT. Thank you and stay healthy everyone.

5 Star Review

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Comedy Festival Testimonial – April 7, 2020

Barry Opper

This is a very special Festival. I am so sick of festivals that take your money and do little else to ensure that your screening gets a large audience. This Festival produced an audience of over 200 for our short film LIFT and the others shared on our program. After considerable time in the editing room you don’t really see your movie until you witness it in the midst of a full house. Thanks providing that.

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COMEDY Festival Testimonial – October 29 2018

Hello, thank you so much for accepting my script into your festival!  I really appreciate your feedback, it’s very thoughtful and helpful, so I appreciate the time taken to do that.

  • Stephen B.

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New Comedy Festival Testimonials

March 2016 testimonials from recent writers/filmmakers who participated at the Comedy Festival.

Terrific reading of my screenplay. Please thank the actors for me! The initial feedback was encouraging and it also appropriately threw light on some needs of the script.
– Robert Tolz (Screenplay, Renassance Man)

Absolutely outstanding notes and I can’t thank you enough. Obviously Charlie Kaufman are difficult waters to sail but I am determined to rock on. The first thing I throw out of the boat is He Who Appears To Be He. But a girl can dream can’t she? Count on one thing you will be receiving my rewrite with a boatload of gratitude.
– Kelly Karam (Screenplay, Ole: Rising Above Mith)

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it and will work to improve it.
– Evan Schullery (Screenplay, Due South)

Thank you so much for including my spec script in your festival. The feedback you’ve given me is very detailed and useful. I’ll make sure that I make the necessary changes to the script.
– Linsen Oyosa (TV Spec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

I want to thank you immensely for the feedback! I’m truly grateful. Feedback and reviews are the main reasons I submit to competitions such as this one. I’m most pleased with this one in particular because the reviewer took the time to make suggestions as to how I could make the script better, most notably with some of my character relationships.
– Chastity Lively (Screenplay, Happy Holidays)

Thanks so much for your constructive and insightful comments! I’m glad you enjoyed SMITHEREENS.
– Hersh Rephun (TV PILOT, Smithereens)