Mr. Deeds Goes to Town – Movie Review. Starring: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, George Bancroft

MR DEEDS TO TOWN, 1936 Movie Reviews Directed by Frank Capra Starring: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, George Bancroft Review by Aria Chiodo SYNOPSIS: Longfellow Deeds lives in a small town, leading a small town kind of life – including playing the tuba in the town band. When a relative dies and leaves Deeds a fortune,… Continue reading Mr. Deeds Goes to Town – Movie Review. Starring: Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, George Bancroft

Movie Review: SPACEBALLS, 1987

Final thought: Does the alien that bursts out of John Hurt’s stomach play a song that seems familiar to all who watched those classic Looney Tunes cartoons? It should. The song and top hat dance number is homage to “One Froggy Evening”. You know, the one where the frog grabs a cane and dances to “The Michigan Rag.

Movie Review: NETWORK, 1976. Directed by Sidney Lumet

With no one to stand up for Beale left, the network let him loose on his, where he would have an opening monologue of one of his rants, which was followed by him fainting in the middle of the stage. The network set up other segments around Beale, and the show was off. Christensen started focusing on the terrorist group now, which would follow the groups’ activities as they found for whatever they believed in. This association with the group lead to one of the funnier scenes in the film, where the lawyers from both sides are trying to work out the best deal for their clients.

Movie Review: THE GREAT DICTATOR, 1940. Director/Starring: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s (though billed as Charles in this film) first full length all sound picture, The Great Dictator was a ground breaking in its time for its anti-fascism. When the film first started production in 1937 the world hardly knew of the atrocities Hitler was doing. Charlie decided to do the film after a friend of his told him how much he looked like Hitler. After learning they were born a week apart, were the same height and weight, Charlie decided to use these similarities to make a strong political statement. What came of it is the classic film The Great Dictator.

Movie Review: THE GOLD RUSH, 1925. Director/Starring: Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin has always been a bit of a ‘take him or leave him’ kind of cinema giant. Take his wonderfully inventive comic ballet moments, for instance and leave (in fact, completely erase from the memory) his rather unsubtle shifts between high comedy and low, lachrymose, drama.

Movie Review: ZOOLANDER (2001) Directed by Ben Stiller

If the Prime Minister of Malaysia wants to stop slave labor and so the fashion industry’s clothes production, what’s a fashionista to do? Well, an international syndicate of fashion designers believes bumping off the old party-pooper’d do it. They force Jacobim Mugatu (Ferrell), a major designer himself, to find a vacuous mind to brainwash to do the job. But where, Mugatu cries, can he find someone that “beef-headed”?!

Movie Review: WIN WIN (2011) Directed by Thomas McCarthy

Mike Flaherty is a struggling attorney and part-time wrestling coach, who is forced to become the caretaker for Leo, one of his elderly clients suffering from dementia. His role becomes further complicated by the sudden arrival of Kyle, Leo’s runaway grandson and Mike’s inevitable wrestling prodigy.