Director Biography – Tim Owens (NO FILTER)

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Tim is an award-winning Director and DP working on films, pilots, national advertising campaigns, music videos, documentaries, new media, and more. Owens has won 10 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards, the 2013 Digiday Award, and 2013 OMMA Award. He was the Creator and Director of Funny or Die’s “Romancing The Joan” with Joan Rivers; Cinematographer for Katy Perry’s documentary, “Katy Perry: Making of the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show” and has directed National Television commercials for clients including Starbucks, Ford, and HP.

Director Statement

I had the idea for this short film just before leaving on a flight to NYC. I was headed there for a different job and pitched this to one of my producers. We had a good laugh, talked a little more about it more on the plane. We booked the actors via text message while in the air, stopped by a prop shop on the way to the hotel after landing, and that night shot the entire short. It took about 3hrs and around $37 in total for the makeup from the prop shop.

It was edited and uploaded a week later.

I love this short film because it strips aways all of the red tape of production and just made something we wanted to make. There was no intention but to create something that made people smile. That simple.

I hope this short film brings a smile to your face.


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