Director BIO: Marcus C. W. Chan (PENTHOUSE SWEET)

Director Biography – Marcus C. W. Chan

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Marcus was born and raised in Hong Kong. After completing law school in Hong Kong, he practiced real estate financing law for nearly a decade before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an MFA in film directing & production at UCLA in 2012.

Marcus is primarily interested in the finer details and open-ended nature of everyday life. He prefers the psychological to the material and wishes to explore with his work the fragility of life and the lack of easy answers the world offers.

During his time at UCLA he wrote, directed, produced and edited a number of short films that have been accepted by film festivals around the world. His UCLA thesis, “Palace”, is executive produced by James Franco and features Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg.

He has also been honored with numerous awards during his time at UCLA, including a Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award, a Motion Picture Association of America Award and the Cirque du Soleil Fellowship. Since graduating from UCLA in 2016 he has continued to develop his own projects and also took part in Francis Ford Coppola’s experimental project “Distant Vision”.

In 2016, he was selected to join BAFTA LA’s Newcomers Program, an initiative by BAFTA to help promising British nationals fully realize their potential in the industry.

Director Statement

I was constantly asking myself the question: is total honesty in relationships really possible or is it something that you can only find in fiction? This eventually led to the sitcom vs reality story.

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