Get to know the short film: BAGGAGE, 17min, USA, Comedy

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A comic tale of a small town girl who moves to New York City and realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore. She’s wide eyed about the high life of the big city – until she stumbles head first into the grip of it’s charming low life’s.

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Director Statement

The process of creating Baggage, from start to finish, has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Although I have directed smaller projects in the past, this was truly my writing and directorial debut on something of this scale – and what a learning experience it has been! The feeling of watching your vision, story, and characters come to life right in front of you is pretty indescribable. It made me fall in love with the art of storytelling all over again. Spending almost two years of my life dedicated to Baggage, it became like a child to me, and I became immersed and obsessed with perfecting it. The project really started to take on a life of it’s own, and my crew and I made a pact to do everything to make it as epic as possible; dubbing it “The Biggest Little Short that Could”. We were going all out. There was no turning back now!

What I learned every single step along the way is that a project of this size takes a village of wonderful, talented, and dedicated friends to band together to pull it all off. We of course had some unexpected setbacks, and many long, long days, but once we had finished, I think we were all just so proud that we had accomplished what many said was not possible. This short was really a gamble that we were all willing to double down on and put relentless energy into; mostly in order to prove that we could. Many of us are newcomers to our respective positions, with a real passion for what we are doing, and that energy was seriously contagious on set. It was electrifying. It was overwhelming. It was a blast!

I am so very thankful for those who believed in me enough to support me and help me see this vision come to life. It has not only been the learning experience of a lifetime; but it has also given me the confidence to know I can tackle projects of any size, and overcome any obstacle that I will inevitably face. It has encouraged me to write more feature length scripts, study as many filmmakers as possible, and explore my own growth as a person and director. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and experience.


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