Feature Film: HYSTERICAL, 72min., USA, One Woman Play

Directed by Emma Speer
Hysterical is a film-adaptation of a one-woman theatre performance. The stem-level plot is this: a girl-woman lost her uterus and sorts through her mind-farm-memories to find it. On a deeper level, the show explores intergenerational womanhood and inherited trauma. It weaves together themes of independence, institutionalized mental health, the female body and its policing, fertility, immigration, and growth to present to you, the audience, an unintentional coming-of-age tale for and of us all, just trying to do the best we can with what we have.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

Originally, Hysterical was written for live-theatre. And then COVID. Yet, like running water down a mountainside, we flowed with what life presented us. You see, the thing about a project like this is: once the water breaks, breaching is imminent. Less metaphorically, once Emma had a clear vision for depicting this, she couldn’t sit back and wait while theaters, her show, and her passion for them decayed. Sometimes you’re just soul-constipated and need to evacuate immediately because life is waiting! Writer and Performer Emma Speer found the phenomenal Mia Fowler to direct and the legendary Citrus Duff to take charge of production. Despite the unanticipated rerouting, the adaptation is not compromised at all. In fact, for the creators, the film version has supplanted the original as the story’s purest expression.

Director Biography – Mia Weathers-Fowler

Mia Weathers-Fowler (she/her/hers) is an actor, director, and writer based in New York. Mia has spent the past three years focused on new play development—directing five premieres and performing in three. In 2020 she and her co-writer Seth Herschkowitz won the Yale Playwright’s Festival for their one-act play Terminal 3. With the constraints of the pandemic, Mia has turned her attention to film, directing her first feature Hysterical in October. Outside of her artistic pursuits, Mia moonlights as a medieval scholar (anything before 1600 will do).

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