Comedy Festival Testimonial – August 18 2018

 Tyler G. (FIRE ALARM)

I just wanted people to read my work so I submitted to a lot of places. This one is particularly interesting in how it’s formatted to do read throughs of the work as a reward. I was very pleased with this festival, and it’s very encouraging to get a sense people care about stories and the work writers do.


Genre: Comedy

When Hamid’s mother dies, he must move to Vancouver to live with Uncle Amir. Uncle Amir reminds him that if we aren’t careful, life may pass us by and we never take for granted those around us. Trapped in a foreign world he does not understand, Hamid unwittingly sets into play a series of events that awaken this very idea in his elderly neighbors.


Ethel: Zena Driver
Marge: Alicia Payne
Narrator: Val Cole
Uncle Amir: Dorian Shine
Manager: Jolly Amoako

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