COMEDY Festival Feature Script: SHELTER, by Janna Jones

A smart, but indecisive movie theater owner is about to lose her husband, movie theater and her family’s legacy, but when two forces of nature sweep into her life–a violent tropical storm and a gorgeous and compassionate man–she finally jumps into action to get what she wants.

Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Annie: Kyana Teresa
Chip: Sean Ballantyne
Ted: Shawn Devlin
Various: Hannah Ehman
Various: Steve Rizzo

Writer Biography – Janna Jones

Janna Jones is a professor of Creative Media and Film in the school of Communication at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She teaches screenwriting, history of documentary film, media criticism and other kinds of writing courses, and graduate courses in Communication. She is the author of the books The Southern Movie Palace: Rise, Fall, and Resurrection (University Press of Florida); The Past is a Moving Picture: Preserving the Twentieth Century on Film (University Press of Florida) and The Spirit of the City: and Marshall Fredericks Sculptures in Detroit (Michigan State University Press). Currently she is working on her fourth book–From Cold War Shelters to Present Day Bunkers: The Architecture and Design of Fear (Michigan State University Press). She has also published many essays and book chapters about film, architecture, design, and preservation which include articles in the Journal of Curatorial Studies, Liminalities, The Moving Image, and the Michigan Historical Review.

In addition to her books, she has won more than 50 awards for her feature and short screenplays since 2021. She understands that life can be difficult, and at the heart of a great screenplay is compassion for both its characters and its audience. Her screenplays include About Gabriel, a drama/fantasy/comedy; Malled, a thriller/horror/comedy; Shelter, a romantic comedy, the short, Past Due, a romantic comedy, and Postage Due, another short that is also a romantic comedy. While most of Jones’ screenplays are funny, she is a disciplined writer who takes her writing and the teaching of writing seriously.

When she is not writing or teaching, you can likely find her at the barn with her horse Bailey and her mule Dottie. As she understands it, riding is quite a bit like writing. It requires discipline, patience, and practice—every single day. Jones is also a yogi and meditator and does guided meditations with her university students at the beginning of each class. She lives in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona with her partner, George, and her dog, dd, and her cat, Salamander


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