COMEDY Festival Best Scene Reading: DRAG ME TO CHRISTMAS, by Tennessee Martin

When Scrooge-like tech-whiz, Chip Webber, finds out that her mother has passed away a few days before Christmas, she begrudgingly returns to her small hometown after a decade away to pay her respects. Upon learning she has inherited her mother’s pride and joy, a dilapidated community recreation center, she decides to liquidate it against the wishes of her younger brother, SIMON.

Hoping to sway his sister’s decision, Simon calls in MIKA FERNANDEZ, Chip’s childhood crush for backup. After all, if the Community Center closes down where will they host the annual town Christmas Pageant? Chip makes it very clear that she didn’t come home to make friends or host pageants, and refuses to negotiate. She even turns down her brother’s invitation to Family Dinner on Christmas Eve to spend the loathed holiday with her online community instead. Chip is caught off guard when she is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future — three wildly different drag queens who show Chip how lonely her life has been, and how dark it will become if she doesn’t change her selfish and self-sabotaging ways. When she wakes up Christmas morning, a changed Scrooge, she rushes to save the pageant, and hopefully a few relationships along the way…


Narrator: Hannah Ehman

Chip: Steve Rizzo

Raya: Kyana Teresa


By comedyfestival

Film and Writing Festival for Comedy. Showcasing best of comedy short films at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Plus, showcasing best of comedy novels, short stories, poems, screenplays (TV, short, feature) at the festival performed by professional actors.

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