Short Film: THE HOUSE, 9min., USA

Directed by Liang-Chun Lin
Amy, the kind of person who would steal your vodka and replace it with water, moves into a haunted house for the great rent. She finds herself surrounded by ghosts whose personalities are suspiciously similar to her own. These beings don’t want justice or eternal rest. They want Hulu. They want potato chips. And they expect Amy to help. When Amy can no longer take their harassment, she decides to exorcise them…on a budget, of course.

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Director Biography – Liang-Chun Lin

Liang-Chun Lin was born and raised in Taiwan. She earned her BA in Radio and Television at Chengchi University in Taipei. After 5 years working as an Assistant Director and script supervisor, she is now pursuing an MFA in Film Production at Chapman University and working with both Taiwan and US productions.
She has worked in almost all departments to be a considerate and knowledgeable director; from Camera, G&E, Production Design, Makeup, Wardrobe, to Editing and Color Grading. Seeing the screen from different perspectives helps her better communicate and make the best use of resources.
Other than film making, she is also devoted to social issues. Her participation in LGBTQ+ movement, death penalty abolishment and rural education in Taiwan helped her better understand different perspectives. She now looks forward to telling more stories of Asian women and of underrepresented people.

Director Statement

Being a nice person before being a good director. Understanding human before understanding stories.


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