Short Film: ONE NIGHT STAND, 29min., USA

Directed by Mark Serao
A romantically confused woman wakes up with a hangover, a dead guy in her bed and no recollection of how she got there. When her clingy ex-boyfriend shows up and desperately wants to get back together, she recruits him and his doofus friend to help her uncover the events of the night before while discovering what she wants, and doesn’t want, in her love life.

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Director Biography – Mark Serao

Mark’s love and passion for photography started at a very young age. His father had built a darkroom in the basement of their house and for a young Mark, the spark was ignited. He saw the magic of watching a simple piece of photo paper transform into an image right in front of his eyes and he was hooked. Right then and there he decided he needed to be involved in that creative world somehow. Not knowing exactly where or how to break into the industry after graduating college, Mark felt the best approach would be to start his own production company.

Professionally, Mark has spent the last 20+ years as a co-founder of Grey Sky Films and has directed thousands of videos. He feels lucky to have had the privilege to work with agencies and clients such as Entennmann’s, Chimay, Global Beer Network, Gatorade, Propel, HTC, LG, Prudential, SONY, Optimum, Ashley Furniture, Post Foods, D’Artagnan, PSE&G and so many more.

Mark’s work has taken him around the world to so many awe-inspiring places and has placed him in every situation imaginable.


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