Short Film: RUMBO: FIRST PEE, 26min., Canada, Comedy

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When Katie Rumbo is denied the use of a bathroom in the small town of Hope, things go bad. She takes out the local police and runs off into the wilderness. As the Sheriff and his deputies track her, they are quickly embarrassed by her superior skills. This sets off a chain of events that flips a switch in Katie and takes her back to her days in the Desert Storm conflict. Her commanding officer Colonel Troutbum arrives to save this small town from Rumbo.

Director Biography – Lauro Chartrand-DelValle

Director/Producer/Writer/Performer Lauro Chartrand-DelValle has followed an unusual path into his film career. It’s not surprising that Lauro has been a prominent figure in the world of action films since 1989 when he transitioned from Martial Arts competitor and instructor into the world of cinema. Being mentored through the Martial Arts by legendary Master Fumio Demura, he already had a head start in the action genre. From his early years as a stunt performer he worked with and was influenced by some of Hollywoods biggest action stars such as Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris. After working for two seasons on the long running TV series Walker Texas, Ranger as the fight director his desire to direct was born. From there his reputation gained momentum and before long he was one of the busiest action designers in the business, launching the beginning of his 2nd Unit directing career. After 2nd Unit directing on numerous projects and proving his visual sense of story telling, he followed up with a successful collaboration with Director Keoni Waxman. Mr. Waxman then asked Lauro to main unit direct the action film “Born To Raise Hell”. It was a dream come true to helm his first film as Director and he embraced it with the passion of a true film maker, thus cementing Lauro’s spot in the TV series “True Justice” as one of three directors on the series. After getting his name firmly embroidered on the directors chair he promptly started writing, developing, producing and directing his own projects. He has several feature projects in development with his various production companies.

Director Statement

Rumbo: First Pee was shot entirely with an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max with the exception of a couple of drone shots. It is a comedy/action spoof on the first film in Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo film franchise, First Blood. Where as Stallone’s Rambo character simply wanted something to eat in the small town of Hope, our character Rumbo just wants to pee. Given the extreme scare that some people have acquired during the Covid Pandemic, the absurd measures some have taken are highlighted in a comedic manner in this film as Katie Rumbo fights the system for her right to use a bathroom to go pee. Human rights are explored and gender parody is brought to the forefront with a laugh to help swallow the pill. Fans of First Blood will get all the scenes that mirror those of the original film and were shot in the exact same locations as First Blood, in Hope, B.C., Canada. If you get one chuckle out of this short film or even a smile, it’s all worth it for me and my intentions fulfilled. Anymore than that, and I’ll see it as a huge success. Thank you.

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