Short Film: DIVORCE DIARIES, 26min., USA, Comedy

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DIVORCE DIARIES, 26min., USA, Comedy
Directed by Angie Hansen
A single and recently divorced mother, Michele (late 30’s), comedienne, and writer risks it all in pursuit of creating her own show based off of her divorce diaries. As a working class intellectual with two masters and more certifications to shake a stick at, she struggles to make rent and keep her daughter, Grace (under 10) shielded from the backlash of being ADHD, all the while failing miserably with men and relationships. Faced with a limited time and only her talent as the lottery ticket, she has one year to get the project off the ground before having to go back to work and giving up on the dream.

Director Biography – Angie Hansen

I have been working in film in NYC as an actor and director since 2014, but my journey as a director encompasses over 20 years. I began my career in the theatre as an actor and fell in love with the craft. When asked to direct my first play, “A Christmas Carol”, I began to see the bigger picture through an outside lens. Since that moment, I never wanted to stop. I began directing play after play, winning my first award for “Animals out of Paper”. I came to realize that you can reach a much larger audience through film. My first film, “The Pumpkin Queen” ran the festival circuit, and won Best Director and Audience Choice awards. My work can currently be seen all over the nation through works such as “Bias Blockers” “Dark Tales from Channel X”, “Trance”, “Play Dead”, “The Real Housewives of NYC”, “ The Toy Museum’s Traffic Safety” and every Halloween season at Blood Manor: NYC’s Premier Haunted Attraction.

Director Statement

My goal when approaching any project is to work with passion, integrity, and heart. When Michele asked me to direct her film, I knew this was exactly what I was meant to do. Not only is her work near and dear to my heart, but I have lived through her journey with her. To see her excel in her comedy career whilst all the cards were stacked against her is not only an accomplishment but a testament to who she is on the inside. Her zest for life and success is contagious and her work with kids on the spectrum is absolutely brilliant. I admire her as an artist, a woman, and a teacher. It is with great pride that I present to you “Divorce Diaries”. I hope that it helps you find escape through laughter and makes you see that no matter what circumstance you are going through, you can and will overcome it.

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