Director BIO: Lindsay Clift

Lindsay Clift
Lindsay Clift is a writer, director and producer born in Texas and reborn in Los Angeles. Her southern ties provide for grounded stories about the relationships between people in extreme,
sometimes absurd circumstances. It is no surprise to anyone in her family or friends that she would end up writing and directing. Family holiday parties always included a Lindsay Clift production of the cousins acting out a scene of her creation. Her move from small town to the big city was originally to chase the dream of acting. After finding minor success in such films as Focus and series such as Breakout Kings, Lindsay decided she wanted to work on the other side of the camera. Her directorial debut, How to turn a man into a Murderer is about revenge. The short begs the question, who is really to blame? She then tried her hand at comedy with I Would Do Anything for Love about a husband and wife who are on two very different wavelengths, but find a way to meet in the middle. Lindsay strives to challenge audiences to consider the pliability of their morals.

Director Statement

This was a moment in the history of my life that brought me to tears, joyful tears. How are you supposed to ask for what you want in the bedroom? Is there a perfect scenario to broach these topics? I find the husband character so love-able and clueless. He has no idea what it’s like to be a woman raising children and taking care of the house. She’s such an awesome lady too. She’s game, she’s down to do whatever with her man, but she sees an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives- aka no more offspring.
This story poured out of me. The script was written in a day and only rewritten twice. The first was after the live performance and the second was in the editing room. I’ve never before had such an easy time with a script or the casting. It has spawned two more such episodes and I’m considering a web series with these two characters. I love them so much!


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