Director Biography – Kiran Gordon (WUHAN EXPRESS)

In a small southern town known for its strawberries and Christianity, Kiran sometimes felt that he didn’t quite belong. From a young age, he realized the significance of humor and entertainment, how it brought his many people together. He turned to the local movie theater for an escape and started telling jokes to avoid harassment, relishing in the positive reactions of his audience. Deciding that engineering wasn’t truly what he wanted to do, Kiran focused on storytelling and headed to Florida State University to study film. Excited to pursue his passion, this Muslim kid looks forward to his movie-making future.

Director Statement

This film is hopefully the one where I nail my voice. I have always wanted to work in comedy and the majority of my projects have been in that genre, but I feel this style and take truly encompasses what my humor really is. The pandemic was a horrible and isolating experience for us all and I felt it was something we could all relate to. I wanted to take that experience and use it as a backdrop for comedy because we all needed a good laugh after a year of hell. With this feeling and after reading an article stating that Chinese restaurants were losing business during the pandemic because of people’s prejudices, I decided to tell this story. While making the movie we had to keep COVID-19 in mind, so focusing on only two characters (a mother and son) came out of necessity but turned into the driving heart of the film. The inspiration for this relationship was the one between my own brother and mother, so the movie took on another level for me that I hope people will appreciate.


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