Director Biography – Ian Michel Phillips (WHOLE MILK)

Ian Phillips is a current MFA Film and Television Candidate at University of Southern California pursuing writing, directing, and producing for comedic film and television. Ian started in the entertainment business as a young actor performing in commercials and television guest spots, he then received his BFA in Acting from Pace University in NYC and acted in various off-broadway productions. In 2017, Ian was a draftsman and 3D modeler for design/build company, Avalon Construction Corp, designing custom modern homes. Starting in 2019, Ian provided graphic design and concept art on tour merchandise for musical artist, Jhené Aiko; as well as, on television pitch decks for Starlings Entertainment. 

Director Statement

“When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults.” (Brian W. Aldiss) I was consumed with this quote while writing the short Whole Milk. Childhood dying and ones journey back to it is something I have personally struggled with. After graduating from my undergrad, I was fooled into thinking to be successful I had to forget about my inner child. Get a reliable job with steady pay, and that there was no place for fun in the workplace. In growing up we are conditioned to detached ourself from the playful selves we used to be, and that this is the only way to great achievement. For me, filmmaking has been my guiding beacon back to my truest self, but I know there are so many people out there who feel trapped in their job under the disbelief that they have no other options. Like Ryan can attest in Whole Milk, in order to follow your dreams you must take a leap of faith. This film is for anyone that feels lost or like they do not belong because of what the outside world expects of you; the journey of belonging begins with reflection of what you’ve always truly wanted. For some of us it is telling absurdist stories, and for other it is getting the job inside his fridge. There is a place for everyone, but It’s not always where you’d expect.


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