Comedy Festival Testimonial – June 15 2020


 Screenwriter Scott Sawitz (FOR LOVE OR MUSIC)

I’m always looking for the right place to submit, not just anyone that’ll take me … and a festival for comedy sounded amazing. I got great feedback and used it to better develop myself as a writer.

Festival for Comedy- A FilmFreeway preferred festival:

Watch the Screenplay Reading: 

Ashley Powell is an ordinary bar singer when she rockets to fame overnight from a viral video. The song she was playing becomes a hit and she winds up on the fast track to musical stardom. She’s carrying a big secret though: she can only write music when she’s miserable after a break up. With an album on the way she’s forced to write it the only way she knows how: breaking hearts. When the great love of her life falls into her life, she’s forced to choose between happiness or success.


Skylar: David Rowan
Sara: Victoria Murdoch
Narration: Esther Thibault
Matt: Sebastian Biasucci
Ashley: Mojeane Sadr


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