Read Poetry: 03:00, by Selah J’ne

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I remember the first time it happened
The first time I laid awake crying and shaking waiting for someone to bust through the door and hold me but no one ever came
This became a cycle I’d cry out and I’d scream and I’d beg for help but no one ever came
I started to feel invisible
I started to feel insane
I’d convince myself these were nightmares the only problem was I couldn’t remember falling asleep
Sometimes I’d think about it throughout the day
I’d say hi to everyone I seen just to see if they’d noticed the change I noticed in me
I couldn’t close my eyes because flashes of my dying body would race through my mind
My heart would start beating out of my chest
Each breath I took felt like wasted time
I was living in a body that’s not mine
I was living a…

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