Get to know the short film: GREAT EXPECTATIONS, 12min, USA, Comedy

Short Film playing at the Los Angeles COMEDY FEEDBACK Film Festival on Thursday June 1st. GET your FREE TICKETS

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Maribeth just needs some help to finish a big project but ends up with much more than she expected! Sometimes more is less.
This is the story of what happens when overachiever Maribeth tries to ease her work pressures and interviews potential assistants, one wackier than the other. Dismissively banishing each applicant, she starts getting threatening phone calls from her employer and becomes, in the end, as jobless and needy as the last candidate, who weeps at the suggestion of not getting hired. In disappointed resignation, they both share some butter pecan ice cream.

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Producers Statement:

Great Expectations was born out of a conversation I had with a good friend and fellow actor Gillien Goll about my desire to produce my own work. She introduced me to Dorothy Marcic, a writer friend and suggested there might be some synergies. As we explored ideas and got to know each other we landed on the topic of the insane things people say at work during hiring and exit interviews. I have long worked in the corporate world and it’s truly astonishing sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious! I had the good fortune to be involved with a group of like-minded artists through the Actors Green Room who also wanted to create something special that would showcase their unique abilities as actors. Dorothy was game to help us and wrote each of these wacky characters for each of these lovely actors. She even gave us her apartment to film in! Don Downie, our gifted director also came to us through Dorothy and within three weeks of that first conversation we spent a full day filming this little gem of a film Great Expectations. We were blessed with an expert crew led by Paul Lewis Anderson, our Director of Photography. It is a memory I will cherish forever and have the joy to re-live every time we screen the film.


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