COMEDY Feature Film of the Day: GROUNDED, by Chris Snader


Written by: Chris Snader

Genre: Comedy


LOGLINE: After falling on hard times, Tim, a 30 year-old substitute teacher, is forced to move back home with his parents. But, after a crazy night out, Tim finds out his hard times have just begun when his parents ground him.

Synopsis: “Grounded” is an R-rated, buddy-comedy along the lines of movies such as “Superbad” and “The Hangover.” It begins with Tim, a 30 year-old substitute teacher, trying to make ends meet while balancing his relationship and a dead end job. Meanwhile, his best friends have moved on with their lives – Adam, has committed to the “bachelor” lifestyle, while Craig has gone down the path of marriage and family. But, things get even worse for Tim, when on one fateful day, he loses his job, his car, his apartment, and his girlfriend. With nowhere else to go, Tim is forced to move back home with his overly strict parents, who immediately thrust him back into his teen years of living – complete with chores and a curfew. Depressed by his current living situation, Tim decides to go to a party with Adam and ends up blackout drunk with no recollection of the night. Tim wakes the next day to discover he is now grounded after the events that transpired the night prior. With a potential reuniting with his ex-girlfriend pending in a few hours, Tim enlists Adam and Craig to help free him from the bondage of his parents and help him realize his destiny.

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